Zubmariner expansion sinks into Sunless Sea

As if Failbetter Games’ Sunless Sea couldn’t get any darker, along comes an expansion to the celebrated indie hit that allows players to explore the murky depths of what is widely understood to be gaming’s bleakest waters.

Edible crews again feature heavily, only this time you can set your vessel on a course to explore the sub-aquatic excesses of the Fallen London universe, with 11 undersea ports to visit, new zee-creatures to vanquish and fresh undiluted madness to confront.

“Disturb the aberrant societies that flourish in the dark. Defy wreckers. Seduce a Drownie. Embrace or condemn the distinctly un-British customs of these cold, fathomless places.”

Quite. For those unable or unwilling to face such dangers, the surface edition of Sunless Sea has been updated with new quests, among them new passengers waiting for board in London, strange goings-on on Mutton Island and some renovation work applied to the Rose Market. Plenty to prepare you for when you do eventually sink yourself beneath the waves.

Richie Shoemaker

Richie has been writing about games since 1997, spending five years on the staff of PC Zone and more recently writing for Eurogamer. His greatest claim to fame is that Sid Meier once gave him a lift to the pub.

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