White Noise 2 gets a new map

I started playing White Noise 2 the other day and it’s proper been putting the willies up me, let me tell you. I’ve never really been a fan of the jump scare type of game – less so as I creep ever closer to being of senior age – but I do like a goodly dose of asymmetrical multiplayer fun and White Noise 2 definitely provides that in decent quantities, hence my  interest.

If you’re not already aware, White Noise 2, much like its predecessor White Noise Online, pits a team of up to four investigators against a single creature. The investigation team are tasked with finding research tapes that are hidden around the map that together will dispel the entity. The creature meanwhile has to pick off the investigators as they go about their search. The team have no weapons of course, only flashlights and the crappiest batteries imaginable, while the creature – bless him – has rather sensitive vision. 

There are a few things I’m enjoying about White Noise 2. The doughy faces of the investigation team is one. Another is the top-down replay at the end of each round that tells you how everyone went around in circles. Most amusing though the constant flicking on and off of torches during each round, lending the game a Benny Hill quality that helps loosen some of the tension.

There are a few things that aren’t so impressive, of course, one of them being a lack of maps. Thankfully a third was just introduced to the Early Access game, The Abbey of the Savior, a combination of “labyrinthine corridors with open areas, directly beneath a thunderous storm.” I had a quick look around and the parts of the map I experienced before having my face ripped off were enjoyable and different, but it would be better still if there was a new game mode to go with it, one that maybe required the investigators to divide their search efforts rather that stick together click-clicking their bloody torches all the freaking time.


Richie Shoemaker

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