Subnautica’s Precursor Update surfaces

Subnautica is my favourite survival game at the moment for a number of reasons: One is that it’s predominately set under the ocean and there aren’t enough watery games out there for my liking. Another is that Subnautica’s is an alien ocean, full of strange and unfamiliar creatures, fronds and other things that drift hypnotically in the unseen currents. It’s also pleasing to me that Subnautica is defiantly a single-player survival game in a sea of post-apocalyptic Rust-alikes (not that I have anything against post-apocalyptic Rust-alikes, you understand). Best of all though is that Subnautica is one of those rare Early Access things; a game that is in a perpetual state of updatedness, while remaining generally solid and with plenty of stuff to do – not all of which you actually have to do

Bringing yet more stuff to the crafting table is the Precursor Update (official site), which from today allows players to properly dive into the backstory of the game’s mysterious alien species, by exploring bases and caves in the search for ancient artifacts and technology. A Precursor base was actually inserted into the game as part of October’s Bones Update, but it was until today an inaccessible 3D backdrop.

There are naturally a whole host of more general tweaks as part of the Precursor Update: Falling damage has been implemented (although I thought it already had), on-land movement is improved, the PDA can now be used while operating vehicles and there’s been refreshing of the Lost River and Floating Island biomes. Stability and reliability are said to have been upgraded too, but since I’ve rarely had issues in that regard I’ll just take the developer’s word for it that things are better.

Sadly, with so many other games on my platter I’m not sure I’m going to get around to enjoying this latest Subnautica code boost (I don’t think I’ve fired the game up since the PRAWN suit was introduced), but if I do get the time to dive in I’ll be sure to note down some impressions.

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