Starbreeze signed up to Deliver Us The Moon

In development space survival adventure Deliver Us The Moon, from Dutch studio KeokeN Interactive, seems to be ending the year much like it started it – on a high. Gliding past a relatively modest €100,000 Kickstarter goal back in February, the game has gone on to secure a planned 2017 release on consoles as well as PC and, now, has the signed backing of publisher Starbreeze Studios to help lift efforts ever further into the stratosphere.

In Deliver Us The Moon (official site) players control a lone astronaut of the Worldwide Space Agency, who is sent up into space on a do-or-die mission to find the answers to a multitude of questions that will save a dying and depleted Earth. Their mission is literally to deliver the moon, as least that’s what we hear in the recently released video below, which we assume isn’t a literal assignment as it’s quite a sizable object that’s not easily moved. You probably have to find lots of helium-3 or something.

As well as a lack of oxygen players will have to deal with the low gravity and unexpected levels of radioactive waste, suggesting the Moon has been as much of a toxic dumping ground as the Earth  (though hopefully not to nearly to the same degree as was the premise of Space: 1999 – which didn’t turn out well for the Moon or the Earth).

While there will be high-tech installations to find and explore, many will be in a poor state of repair. Thankfully the player won’t have to face the dangers of ruptured airlocks and failing life support systems alone. They’ll be assisted in their space quest by a  droid called ASE (All-Seeing Eye), who will help in the exploration of various abandoned bases and landing sites that document the history of humanity’s vainglorious 100-year activity on the lunar surface. Will humanity come together one last time, to face the final challenge? Probably not, but we reckon it’ll be worth having a go regardless.

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