Space Engineers starts fourth year in Early Access

That’s a bit of a negative headline, isn’t it readers, like it’s some kind of prison sentence? No matter, at least it’s accurate. I could have gone for “Happy birthday Space Engineers”, but the sci-fi sandbox hit its three year milestone two days ago and if there’s anyone more annoying than a Snidey McSnarkface, it’s someone who forgot to post their birthday greeting on time.

Thankfully the party is still in full swing. According to a blog post from Marek Rosa, the Grand Moff of Keen Software House, there are plans to stream a little Twitch celebration on Friday, looking at where Space Engineers has come from, where it might be going and who’s going to clean the bathroom sink out after everyone has staggered home. There’ll be prizes, guests and more news on the next few updates, what’s going on with the Xbox One version of the game and when the October 2013 edition of Space Engineers will be available, so we can all appreciate all the work that has gone into the game since the first of two million copies were sold.

Clearly there ain’t no party like a Space Engineers party… which come to think of it would have been a great headline. Oh well.

Richie Shoemaker

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