Space Engineers is now in beta

Reaching something of a landmark phase after more than three years of being in Early Access development, stellar building sim Space Engineers (official site) has at last passed from scrappy alpha to polished beta – or to be more accurate, from polished alpha so slightly more polished beta. 

The latest update brings a much needed tutorial campaign, a total visual overhaul of all the game’s blocks, a new weapons and tools view, fresh netcode and something that all space games should feature by law: magnetic boots! 

Blogging about the beta release, Keen Software’s CEO Marek Rosa posted: “At the moment, a great multiplayer experience is our primary goal. We are proud of the strides we’ve made with our newly implemented multiplayer and are planning to improve it even further in the future.  

“The most important thing to remember with this announcement is that there are still more improvements, optimizations, and contents to come. As an example, I can confirm that one of the things being worked on currently is a new HUD which should significantly increase immersion in game. Beta simply means that we feel the game now has a solid foundation. Some of the new models will be receiving adjustments because of feedback from the community. Thanks to feedback from the Space Engineers community, we were able to clean up many, many bugs and crashes that our players were experiencing regarding multiplayer and online play.”

I’ve never really clicked with Space Engineers, but the tutorial campaign sounds like something that might finally do the trick. One to put on the Christmas playlist, then.

Richie Shoemaker

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