You won’t be going in with the troops: Salvaged

Salvaged is essentially a Lt. Gorman simulator, a game where you watch dumbfounded and blinking from behind a desk as a squad of very tough hombres is set upon by aliens. 

As well as the rather obvious source of inspiration, Salvaged appears to have taken a few cues from lesser-known squad-level games like Duskers and Deadnaut, games that largely succeeded in limiting player control in a much more effective way than genre champions XCOM and Space Hulk, either by the need to give frantically typed orders (as with Duskers), or by handing some measure of autonomy to individual squad members, which was a restrained but welcome feature of Deadnaut. In turn both games benefited by being fraught, nerve-wracking affairs, thanks in a large part to the limitations of having to call the shots from a remote location, rather than as an all-knowing all-seeing commanding officer.

Just released to Early Access, Salvaged looks to continue the aforementioned good work, seating the player at a command console some ways from the action, able to watch and react to the unfolding real-time skirmishes through the suit-mounted cameras of their squad.

The 20-mission campaign already in the game is said to offer around ten hours of narrative-driven tactical action, as players sweep from ship to infested ship, clearing out the xeno menace and earning the upgrades for their squad that are necessary to tackle the next threat.

Features still to be implemented prior to the full release early next year are a number of post-campaign procedural missions, HTC Vive support (Oculus Rift is compatible already) and full tablet control. In addition it’s hoped that Early Access players will provide the team with valuable feedback in terms of balancing and difficulty.  

Richie Shoemaker

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  • Nov 22, 2016 at 11:52 pm

    I’m suddenly reminded of Electric Dreams’s Aliens for the ZX Spectrum. Man, that was a scary game. A pretty good FPS too, considering it was from 1986.


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