PostCollapse: all the survival, zero zombies

Whatever the recipe for success is when it comes to survival games, usually a generous helping of the undead and functioning multiplayer is prominent in the list of ingredients. Curiously PostCollapse, recently delivered fresh to Early Access, features neither such thing.

Proudly for solo players only PostCollapse seems to offer up an almost idyllic take on post-apocalypse gaming, one in which the challenge is to focus wholly on survival basics to get through each day: search through abandoned vehicles and ruins, harvest wood, grow food, hunt wildlife (including bears) and establish a base from which to go forth and forage.

Being an Early Access game and costing less than a fiver, PostCollapse isn’t the most fully-featured survival game to come along in recent months. However it does offer dynamic day and night cycles, with light and weather said to effect how well the wildlife sees and behaves. There are seasons to contend with too, requiring the player to hoard provisions in the summer to survive the winter. Curiously they only last for a few days each – which is apparently long enough to ensure a challenge, with no one as yet managing to survive four straight winters. With seasons that harsh, the living dead would just be overkill.




Richie Shoemaker

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