Planet Explorers leaves the safety of Early Access

It always intrigues me when a sandbox survival game breaks cover from Early Access and tries to make a go of it as a v1.0 release, mostly because it seems to me that survival games require active development almost as if it’s part of their DNA. A “final” release meanwhile appears more like the beginning of the end, an admission that although the game will continue to evolve a little, it’s not going to change a whole lot. I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but survival games are just that little bit less interesting when they’ve come out of the oven to cool.

Anyway, today it’s Planet Explorers that’s had the proverbial skewer stuck into it, with its developer declaring the “open world sandbox adventure RPG game set on a distant planet” cooked all the way through after two and a half years of code-baking.”We will continue to bug fix, tweak, and update this game for at least another half a year” said today’s announcement, “after that it will depend on sales. We plan to continue to add more side stories to both adventure and story mode. We’re also looking into putting in features that were left out of the final build, such as animal riding.”

New to Planet Explorers v1.0 is a language spreadsheet thingy, allowing players to essentially do lots of translation, which depending on your point of view is either awesome or a bit of a cheek. There’s also a three-strikes-and-out anti-cheat system, which suggests shenanigans have been rampant. Beyond that nothing seems particularly exciting in the latest update: Everything else mentioned in the patchnotes is either a fix or a tweak.

I did have a poke around with Planet Explorers a couple of weeks ago and I can’t say as it grabbed me as much as all the other sci-fi survival games out there, all of which are staying in Early Access for the time being. I will however attempt to give the game a fair go and will report my findings when I do. Stay tuned.


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