Outlast 2 Companion Diaper seeks Keckstarter funding

Oh, come on! “Underscares”, really? What kind of shite marketing idea is that for a washable incontinence pad devised to tie-in with the release of a horror videogame sequel Outlast 2? “Die-per” makes much more sense.

No matter, Underscares is the name that’s been settled on, for which developer Red Barrels is hoping to raise an anus-opening CA$40,000 (US$30,000) through Kickstarter, none of which will apparently go towards the development of Outlast 2 – because that’s all in hand. Rather that all of the income will be squeezed into – so to speak – the nappies themselves.

Ranging from a CA$10 pledge, which gets you a pdf pattern to craft your own poop-sacks, to CA$6,666, which earns you six Outlast 2 Steam codes, six pads, six patches and the official Outlast chapel from PAX East, the Kickstarter rewards are nothing if not succinct and diverse. Whether or not there are enough to tempt people to invest in something they don’t need and help get the pads over the finish line is another matter entirely. Not that we care.

Richie Shoemaker

Richie has been writing about games since 1997, spending five years on the staff of PC Zone and more recently writing for Eurogamer. His greatest claim to fame is that Sid Meier once gave him a lift to the pub.

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