The mechs big thing for Osiris

Oversized mechanical trousers – otherwise known as mechs – are coming to Osiris: New Dawn in the near future, according to an update released yesterday. To craft a pair players will need to locate and extract a rare new ore, Azurnium, which may or may not be found in new underground caves called hives (which rather suggests they’ll be dangerous places to explore). In addition turrets will be added to the crafting menu to provide some defence against indigenous creatures and wayward faction rivals. If that all sounds a bit too high tech, you can climb aboard a crab creature and ride it like a skittering mule:

We’ve been really trying to think of a unique and creative way to implement ridable crabs. Do you tame them? Do you find them? We’ve agreed on a new system we are really excited about. So players will soon be able to use crabs as a ridable mount. We don’t want to spoil the details of the mechanics on how to obtain it, but let’s just say you’re going to have to “science the shizz out of it” to make it happen.

This is all in addition to the new moon that was teased last week, which will feature hazardous new weather systems and new forms of wildlife. Last but not least, rejoice, for Fenrix Fire have announced that the next update will also allow players to rebind key commands.

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