Beta sign ups for Life is Feudal: MMO

Despite having only just released Life is Feudal: Forest Village to Early Access in September (and launched Life is Feudal: Your Own out from Early Access a year ago), busy developer Bitbox has just opened up the application process to betatest its third and most ambitious title in the series, Life is Feudal: MMO.

As you can imagine Life is Feudal: MMO is planned to be altogether more massive than it’s two predecessors, with games said to support up to 10,000 players on single-shard regional servers rather than just a gang of 64. Obviously the gameworld will be larger to accommodate all the extra digging, building and fighting going on, with 440km2 being set aside compared to the 9kmlimit of the original Life is Feudal release.

In common with most MMOGs the world will be persistent, with one rule-set maintained by the development team. Guilds and factions will be prominent entities, with trading and minigames bulking out the massive siege battles and building projects the developers hope to no doubt see taking shape before too long.

Given how grindy Life is Feudal can be, not to mention blighted by server and performance issues, it’ll be interesting to see how well suited the foundations of the series are to being rebuilt for an MMOG. I guess we’ll just have to sign up and see.



Richie Shoemaker

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