Agony is going to Hell and backed

Agony may well be the most gruesome game we’ve seen. That it’s set in a claustrophobic, flesh-strewn vision of Lucifer’s realm is perhaps bad enough, but it’s the impossibly contorted and conjoined cadavers about the place that really set the tone. With reported sightings of sliced open pregnant women with their babies left dangling by the umbilical cords, it’s fair to say that Agony won’t be a game for minors.

Inevitably you play a lost soul, with no memory of how or why you ended up in banished to the underworld. It is through interactions with the other residents and walking sim-style exploration that you learn that there’s a possible way out from purgatory, so long as you’re prepared to possess others that you meet, including demons, and can ultimately survive the eternal wrath of the Red Goddess. 

What’s intriguing about Agony is that the disturbing imagery and unfamiliar creatures aren’t simply intended to shock, but to unsettle and keep players on their proverbial toes. Wailing souls and horned demons were just too obvious a design path to go down, hence the R-rated viscera and otherworldly demons. It’s an approach that’s so far paid off, with the game more than doubling it’s Kickstarter goal, with CA$130,000 so far raised and ten days still remaining on the crowd-funding calendar.


Richie Shoemaker

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