Mixed reviews predicted for Infestation: The New Z

As I write this there are just a few hours to go until the release of Infestation: The New Z, an “official re-working” of Infestation: Survivor Stories, which may well be the most derided zombie-themed open world game currently on Steam.

Infestation: Survivor Stories was of course recently reworked as Romero’s Aftermath, prior to which it was itself a reworking of The War Z, which has the dubious honour of being considered one of the worst games of all time – at least for the short period it was available before Steam withdrew it from sale. The War Z was subsequently shut down with the blame for its demise attributed to hackers rather than it being derivative, unreliable and fraudulent.

In short, expectations are not high for The New Z, in spite of developer claims that it’s “the best Infestation experience yet”. 

Given all the negativity that has surrounded any and all attempts to rebrand The War Z / Infestation, the question foremost in our minds is why does anyone keep bothering? Well, this time, apparently, there’s a custom-made anti-cheat system, friendly moderators, new game modes and the game is being developed by a completely new team. 

Infestation: The New Z started out as a small project based on the original title Infestation: Survivor Stories. A group of original players came together with the goal to re-work the entire game – creating the best infestation experience yet.

Not long now until we’ll know if being the best Infestation is anything to boast about.


Richie Shoemaker

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One thought on “Mixed reviews predicted for Infestation: The New Z

  • Nov 22, 2016 at 6:44 pm

    After 101 reviews, overall opinion is “mixed”. Go figure.


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