Impact Winter is coming next year

Namco Bandai and UK developer Mojo Bones have announced that their snowy survival game Impact Winter (official site) will not be ready in time for the holiday season – as was intended – but will instead be appearing early next year. Early enough for us to be able to recycle our “winter is coming” headline? We shall see.

The game, set during a post-apocalyptic freeze after the Earth has been hit by an asteroid, will see protagonist, Jacob Solomon, leading four NPC survivors and a robot as they try to last through 30 days of extreme weather and resource shortages, after which, we assume, a rescue team will be on hand with mint cakes, warm blankets and Bovril.

While searching for food and supplies will forever be a priority in Impact Winter, what’s more intriguing are the game’s proposed “Story Events.” A mix of random encounters and scripted missions (including things like meetings with wildlife and wandering strangers, illnesses, kidnappings and damage to buildings), events will be mixed up in such a way as to ensure that, not only is each run through of the game unique, but that the player has to constantly re-evaluate their survival priorities in relation to their limited resources. To make matters more difficult, it would appear that Solomon won’t have direct control over the whole team, as each member can be adversely affected by the cold, lack of food, tiredness and boredom and thus “will react independently – with their own wants, needs and emotions.”

Looking not unlike how we’d imagine The Long Dark had Doublefine been in charge of development (those licking flames are particularly delightful), Impact Winter’s cartoon graphics belie the game’s obvious nod to gritty modern survival classics like This War of Mine and open world titles like Hinterland’s aforementioned title, with apparently a lot more to do in the game than any footage release thus far would have you think.

The world of Impact Winter has no barriers: a non-linear sandbox for you to explore however you choose. Dig for buried secrets, hunt wildlife at night, take shelter from fierce storms, investigate mysterious signals, set up camp during long expeditions, command your team back at the Church, trade with wandering nomads, upgrade your base – and much more.    

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