The Homebound VR experience is due early 2017

Homebound aims to capture the unrelenting peril of hurtling towards the Earth in a malfunctioning spaceship and facing “a series of catastrophic events in the cold void of deep space.” You know the kind of thing to expect, I’m sure: ultra high speed impacts, floating debris, low gravity, a lack of oxygen, solar radiation, George Clooney tapping at the window …Ok, maybe not that last one.

In development at Swedish tech outfit Quixel, Homebound is billed as an “experience” rather than as a game, which we can take to mean that there won’t be an 18-hour campaign to get through or much of an open world to float around, despite the setting. Perhaps it’s just as well seeing as it will be exclusive to Vive and Oculus VR – although with the more laid back Adr1ft managing to entertain for a good four or five hours, we’re hoping the Homebound experience will clock in at more than the twenty minutes that The Martian VR Experience barely managed. (Steam page says “10-30 minutes of gameplay: Perfect for parties, or a short break from reality.”)

Oh well, if Homebound does end up lasting about as long as Gravity’s masterpiece of an opening shot (17 minutes, in case you were wondering), it should offer a comparably intense ride if this “space survival experience” trailer is anything to go by. 


Richie Shoemaker

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