Grimm Forest Kickstarter kicks off

Maybe it’s the lack of in-game screenshots and that all we have to go on is concept art, but looking at what’s being planned for Grimm Forest we can’t help but summon in our mind’s eye something that looks and plays a little like Don’t Starve Together, only of course based on the writings of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm rather than Howard P. Lovecraft.  

Pitched as a multiplayer co-op game of strategy, tactics and exploration, Grimm Forest (assuming it meets it’s €55,000 crowd-funding target) will have the capacity for up to 25 players to work together to build, maintain and defend a settlement from the nightly horrors of the forest that surrounds them. During the day players must rebuild and expand their village, while at night they must try to work together keep at bay the noisy woodland neighbours. 

As well as a day/night cycle, there’s planned to be a weather system, creative crafting, a social structure with elected and hidden player roles (Mayor, Architect, General), character perks (Woodcutter, Hunter, Alcoholic, Executioner) an “endless, living and breathing forest” and gamebook-like choices.

It’s easier to explain what Grimm Forest is by simply mentioning what IT IS NOT. The game isn’t a strategy although you’ll have to build, reinforce and develop your village. It’s not an RPG although your characters’ will have stats, perks and inventory. It’s not an “open world survival game”, although you’ll have to keep your character well fed, hydrated, rested and even… sane. It’s not a gamebook although you’ll face choices that will change the way your story develops. Grimm Forest is not a horror game, but the game will keep you on your toes, feeling constantly watched, followed and threatened. It’s not exactly a “social game”, but one of our key goals is to instill a strong feeling of togetherness in our players.

Curiously, the developers are aiming to implement a monthly subscription to help maintain a constant stream of updates. It’ll be interesting to find whether players agree that a €5 monthly free is reasonable, but of course before then there’s a Kickstarter target to hit. 


Richie Shoemaker

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