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Having had a survival game called Grimm Forest brought to my attention a couple of weeks back –  to which I pointed out the similarity in name with a boardgame called Grimm’s Forest (note the cunning use of an apostrophe there) – today’s release of Grimm: Dark Legacy had me wondering if the same game was making its entrance under a slightly different name.

Apparently not, for while only concept art for Grimm Forest has been teased ahead of a planned Kickstarter campaign, Grimm: Dark Legacy arrives fully formed off the back of a successful NBC show which happens to be called Grimm (just Grimm). The game, an alleged co-operative “rogue-lite”, is of course set way, way before the events of the contemporary-set TV series (600 years or so), no doubt so as not to tread on the precious toes of the show’s writers. It also looks very different, with an isometric 3D view over a world that looks to have been dragged half way between Torchlight and Don’t Starve.

It seems that the game was originally intended as a “free to play” MMOG, but has ended up having its microtransactions taken out and a seemingly reasonable price tag slapped on it instead. Hopefully that’s a good thing for the developers and the players.

I know very little about the TV show and thus not a great deal more about the game, so I’m going to lazily paste some info from the game’s Steam page and go and make myself a cup of tea. Enjoy:  

Grimm: Dark Legacy is a tale of deep, dark exploration, hunger, and blood thirsty combat in a medieval setting. You play the ancestors of the Grimm. Your story takes place inside the Wesen journal featured in the hit NBC TV series. Hunt, gather, craft, and form a ruthless band of Grimm to defeat humongous hordes of Wesen on your journey. Can you survive?

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