Empyrion: Galactic Survival reaches Alpha 4.0

Over the last 24 hours it seems as if every space-themed survival game has been updated; some with minor fixes and slight tweaks, such as those for Space Engineers, Grav and Planet Explorers, while yesterday’s code enhancement for Empyrion: Galactic Survival was rather more substantial, as befitting it’s shiny new Alpha 4.0 designation

On the list of new features and added content that Eleon Game Studio has grafted into its Early Access game are a stack of new blocks: repair blocks for bases and captains vessels, re-writable LCD screens, code locks for doors and cargo blocks and ATM blocks to allow for money transfers. If that’s not blocky enough, there is now a distinction between small and large blocks in terms of weight and hit points.

Automated mining drones are now a thing in Empyrion, meaning you can let your machinery do your dirty work while you go and make a coffee or have a nap. There’s also a structural overview (“Ship Registry”), which allows you to see the status of your ships and bases in the local system, set waypoints to them and access their functionality when sufficiently near to them.

There’s been some changes to ship weapon balancing too, a significant overhaul to the way hover vehicles handle, new character modelling that will in future allow for greater customisation and a striking switch from gamma to linear rendering in the graphics engine: Empyrion is starting to attain a look that matches it’s lengthening list of impressive features.

While on the face of it Alpha 4.0 offers a decent set of changes and additions, I have to admit to not playing a huge amount of Empyrion: Galactic Survival in recent months, which means I’ve probably glossed over some of the most important things and misrepresented all the others. With that in mind you might want to check out the full fat patch notes.


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