Dead Age puts the Z in Final Fantasy

Counter-Strike Zombies, Space Pirates and Zombies, Wild West zombies… it’s hard to think of a theme or genre that hasn’t had essence of the undead sprinkled on of it in the hope that a new and flavourful combination will result. 

With Dead Age launching on Steam recently, developer Silent Dreams (yes, they of the hit-and-miss Grotesque Tactics series), has fused notebook-style resource-management, reminiscent of Zafehouse Diaries, with the side-on combat of classic-era Final Fantasy – only with 3D character models rather than pixel-hewn ones. The resulting game is a zombie-themed, turn-based rogue-like that looks and sounds actually rather original – or as original as it’s possible for a zombie game to be, at any rate. 

As you might expect Dead Age requires players to find and manage a group of survivors by foraging for supplies, crafting and trading equipment, treating the injured and holding back the escalating attentions of other survivor groups as well as, of course, the hordes of the walking undead. With permadeath and randomised missions to contend with, however, it could take a while for players to experience the six different endings in the game, although subsequent playthroughs do offer various upgrades and character professions that can be unlocked with medals earned from failed attempts.

Quite an intriguing game then, wouldn’t you agree? According to  recent reviews and discussion Dead Age lines up favorably with the more XCOM-inspired Dead State, which puts it straight on our wishlist for future consideration. Hopefully we’ll get around to trying it out before too long.

Richie Shoemaker

Richie has been writing about games since 1997, spending five years on the staff of PC Zone and more recently writing for Eurogamer. His greatest claim to fame is that Sid Meier once gave him a lift to the pub.

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