CrossWorlds: Escape drifts into Early Access

Like a winter’s first flurry of snow, CrossWorlds: Escape has today brushed across the harsh realm of Steam Early Access, hopefully to settle rather than melt away like so many unfinished open world games do. Coming from Russian developer Another Reality, CrossWorlds: Escape is pitched at the hardcore end of the survival game spectrum, set in an ever-changing world that is increasingly shaped by the seasons, weather systems and by “various natural phenomena.”

It would seem that as well as having to acquire the materials to provide shelter and other basic human needs, players will have to think about their future survival as winters draw in and resources in certain areas become scarce. Then there is topography and the weather to think about: Site your settlement on a floodplain, for example, and you could find your home flooded and supplies ruined.

Tagged as being in early alpha, CrossWorlds: Escape currently offers a 64km-square world, seasonal changes, weather effects, a number of enemies to deal with and a crafting system. In near future the developers hope to expand on the game’s biodiversity, include four-player co-op and a number of god-like magical abilities that will allow some control over the elements. 

Richie Shoemaker

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