Conan Exiles coming to Early Access in January

Funcom is gearing up for the Early Access release of Conan Exiles by announcing new details about the game alongside the release of an batch of impressive new 360-degree screens

Given that Conan Exiles is the survival spin-off of Funcom’s own Age of Conan – which in its day was the most graphically intense MMORPG around – it’s no surprise to learn that this latest videogame adaption of Robert E. Howard’s testosterone-filled fantasy realm aims to follow in much the same tradition as its predecessor, by delivering super-detailed characters, boobs, brutal landscapes, boobs, visceral combat, boobs and hopefully not front load the game with all the best content, as was sadly the case last time around. And boobs.

Starting out as an outcast banished to the wastelands, Conan Exiles tasks players with everything from basic foraging, crafting and survival, all the way up to establishing a settlement and conquering or allying with neighboring tribes to hopefully become the dominate force in the game.

So far, so-so survival, but added to mix is a weather system that will deliver sandstorms, the harvesting of enemy organs to appease the gods, lots of monsters to vanquish and the use of explosives to leave enemy cities in ruins. There’s also a so-called thrall system (“one of the things that truly sets us apart from other games in the same genre”), which is said to be coming along very nicely indeed.

We’ll know how well everything slots together within the next two months.

Richie Shoemaker

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