Ark: Survival Evolved released for PS4

I don’t have a Playstation 4, but if I did I’d be tempted to pick up a copy of Ark: Survival Evolved for it, which was released yesterday in two editions: the Founder’s Edition (which is essentially the basic game) and the Survivor’s Pack (which includes the Scorched Earth expansion). I can envisage my mouse pointer hovering over the purchase button, my mind temporarily befuddled by the exclusive Bionic Giganotosaurus skin and the Manticore armor set, but then I’d remind myself that spending another £40 ($55) on a game I already own for a lesser machine is madness. Just like the six different versions of Minecraft I’ve purchased over the years. No, wait… seven, I think.

Like the PC mother game, this second console version of Ark should be considered a work in progress, with the “content complete” and retail versions due in the spring – which we can assume is when the PC edition will be leaving Early Access. Before then, on Friday, there’ll be a patch that will directly benefit Playstation 4 Pro owners, with “substantial performance benefits” including 1080p resolution. Damnit, now want to get a PS4 Pro!

Latest reports peg the number of Ark players at 5.5m: 4m on PC and 1.5m on Xbox One. Given the number of PS4s in circulation, it’ll be interesting to see how quickly Ark sales on PS4 surpasses those on XB1. Ark on Xbox One took just over four months to reach a million sales. Let battle commence!   


Richie Shoemaker

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