Arizona Sunshine set to rise in December

If the thought of having hordes of the undead literally in your face is appealing then you’re probably going to want to take a look at Arizona Sunshine, a new zombie-themed VR shooter that’s due for release December 6.

Set in and around the host state of the Grand Canyon, Arizona Sunshine will have players exploring deserts, ravines and mines searching for fellow survivors and blowing away any zombies that get in the way. 25 weapons will be accessible in the game for such a grim task, all of them needing to be carefully handled using VR motion controls. You certainly wouldn’t one of them going off and damaging your expensive headset, now would you?

As well as a full single-player campaign “in bite-sized VR chunks”, Arizona Sunshine will feature a four-player co-op mode called Horde that should be available to try during a beta period that will run November 22-29.

Richie Shoemaker

Richie has been writing about games since 1997, spending five years on the staff of PC Zone and more recently writing for Eurogamer. His greatest claim to fame is that Sid Meier once gave him a lift to the pub.

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