Another one comes in from the Zone

I’m pleased to announce that another writer with PC Zone pedigree has been fitted for an EKY boiler suit and will be making an entrance soon. Although he joined the crew of the UK’s first and best PC games magazine rather late in its 17-year life (just as its publisher was furtively handing out the last rites), Nicholas Brakespear was something of a word-producing man-machine, enthusiastically pumping out game reviews as if his burgeoning career depended on it – that is, until distant and unscrupulous relatives gathered around PC Zone’s deathbed and its meds were suspiciously withheld.

Since those dark days Nick has embarked on the career of a tortured novelist, with two rather epic sci-fi sagas already to his name, Sol In Extremis and Absolution’s Apple, both of which you might want to go out and buy – or stay in and buy, since they are available digitally as well as in print. A word of warning though, they are quite lengthy volumes, which could prove challenging if, like me, you find the likes of Room on the Broom a bit intimidating. Thankfully, for those who prefer to play rather than read fiction, Nick’s also been working on a text adventure (as well as some amateur Doom level design).

The Pilgrimage - aiming to be the first text adventure on Steam
The Pilgrimage – aiming to be the first text adventure on Steam

It shames me to say that despite owning them I’ve not read either of Nick’s celebrated works, although in my defence I don’t read many novels these days (the last one, I think, was a Dead Space tie-in). However, since he’s so kindly joined us on our survival/horror crusade, in return I pledge to fire up my old Kindle, dig out my pristine digital copy of Sol and endeavor to keep reading for as long as Nick keeps doing for Everything Kills You what he did for PC Zone before his very fine efforts were so cruelly curtailed.  

Richie Shoemaker

Richie has been writing about games since 1997, spending five years on the staff of PC Zone and more recently writing for Eurogamer. His greatest claim to fame is that Sid Meier once gave him a lift to the pub.

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