Aaargh! Fuck you, Shambler!

Welcome to the first in what we expect will be a long list of expletive-ridden mini posts about games we have played and loved, but also been traumatised by in some way, either because the whole game was bastard-hard and left us mumbling incoherently, particular sections had us tearing our hair out, or, as in the case of this star of this our first “Fuck you…” appeared without warning, ripped our faces off and left us with a little bit of poop in our Y-fronts. 

Ah, yes, the friendly, hospitable Shambler from iD Software’s seminal Quake. You remember it, right? It would walk silently up to you (before a party), take your hat and coat, put your walking cane into the rack in the hallway, and then proceed to turn you inside-out with its ginormous precision claws. A wonderful creature. Doesn’t give me nightmares at all. Like a giant, cuddly panda that’s been covered in blood.

Paul Mallinson

Loves "grabbing". No, that is not a euphemism. "Grabbing" is a term video games magazines used in the 1990s for taking digital screenshots of games for inclusion in their printed articles. Some might call it 'in-game photography' - the art of taking screenshots of what you're playing. Good grabbing requires a good eye, good timing, and good editorial skills. Mallo's Steam Profile

One thought on “Aaargh! Fuck you, Shambler!

  • Nov 7, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    I remember seeing pictures of the Shambler in previews and not thinking much of it, assuming it to be a lumbering Wampa-type thing. Then I met one and pretty much stuck to multiplayer. Not played SP Quake since.


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