Aaargh! Fuck you, Big Sister!

The resident end-of-level loss in Bioshock 2 is an interesting twist on the Big Daddy idea from the first game: Big Sisters. These are slimmer, faster, meaner versions of Big Daddies and they tend to arrive when you’re mopping-up a level and running low on ammo. The first sign of trouble will be their characteristic piercing scream in the distance. The second sign will be them throwing fire and debris at you. And with them being more agile than Big Daddies (and you being a Big Daddy), it can make battling them a claustrophobic and frightening ordeal…

The key to beating these screeching, speedy killers, though, is in the preparation. Setting traps and mines and bombs for them, then luring them to their demise. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t: you’re pretty much screwed.

(“Aaargh!” is an occasional series about characters, creatures, puzzles, levels and entire games that have haunted us through the ages. )

Paul Mallinson

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