Aaargh! Fuck you, Big Daddy!

Bioshock: Survival in Rapture was always a test. No more so than when up against one of these hulking, drooling monstrosities: Big Daddies. Anger one (turning the lights red in its helmet) and it would chase you down and brutally smack you around. Three hits and you were dead… And if it got close to you it’s roar would suck you in closer, making it difficult to run away. Rule number one: never anger a Big Daddy unless you’re locked, loaded and weighed-down with ammo for every weapon you’ve got.

Note: Bioshock was recently remastered and re-released on Steam

(“Aaargh!” is a series of posts about characters, creatures, puzzles, levels and games that have properly fucked us up in some way. )

Paul Mallinson

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